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Retired Cape May County Prosecutor - Robert L. Taylor

Ret. Prosecutor Robert L. Taylor speaking at “Pills to Heroin” Presentation

Here at the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, we provide the community with a variety of presentations. These presentations range from drug abuse and awareness to internet safety for all ages. Typically these presentations are given by the expert members of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office to Social Clubs, Schools, and any group that wants to be more informed. We take pride in helping the community become more aware of any issue within Cape May County. This will allow anyone to be better protected and maintain safety for themselves and loved ones. We also will attend school events upon request, where applicable. Below is a list of all our current presentations. We are always generating more presentations based on the concern of the public. Please contact Lieutenant Landis at (609) 465-1135 to request a presentation for your organization. If you would like information regarding a topic not listed below feel free to contact us at (609) 465-1135 and we can either create a new presentation or direct you to an authority that would be able to remedy your concern.

Presentation List

  • Bullying
  • Cyber-Bullying
  • Drug Awareness/Local Drug Trends
  • Pills to Heroin
  • Gang Awareness
  • Financial Crime Awareness
  • Internet Safety for Kids; Parents; and Seniors
  • Human Trafficking
  • Megan’s Law

Our most popular requested presentations are Pills to Heroin, Internet Safety for Kids, Cyber-Bullying, and Financial Crime Awareness. Pills to Heroin highlights the region’s heroin problem being the result of the abuse of prescription medication. Internet Safety for Kids and Cyber-Bullying are very popular in schools throughout Cape May County as it is geared to children of all ages. Financial Crime Awareness is a dynamic presentation that seeks to inform people, in particular Senior Citizens, current financial scams and vulnerabilities.

Pills to Heroin

Cape May County Prosecutor's Office Pills to Heroin Presentation Video

Pills to Heroin Presentation Video

Throughout the country, heroin use, and deaths, have been on the rise. Through the course of time, we have found that most heroin users begin their drug use habits by abusing prescription pills prior to falling victim to heroin addiction. There is a social fallacy that since prescription pills are prescribed by doctors, they must be safe for everyone to use. This could not be further from the truth. Doctors prescribe them for a reason, and when abused/misused intentionally can have deadly side effects. Many of the prescriptions abused are narcotic pain pills. These pills chemically are close to heroin, but much more expensive. When these sources run out, it leaves one with an addiction to opiates. Heroin is an opiate, and unfortunately, too readily available. This presentation is a friendly, honest view of the heroin abuse and offers precautions to take to identify warning signs of potential abuse.

Internet Safety and Cyber-Bullying

Young people are faced with a unique situation regarding technology. Technology is expanding and becoming more advanced faster than any time in history. This rapidly developing field leaves new challenges for our children. Problems have developed that are unique to this time period thus far. Cyber-Bullying incidents are becoming more common, and the anguish it can cause is far reaching. Too many children and teens are being harmed by this cowardly practice. Internet Safety is also of concern because it can lead to a variety of problems. Internet safety encompasses everything from keeping personal information and passwords secure to social networking and safe communication with others online. Ethical decisions, personal safety, and personal responsibility are just some of the topics discussed in this presentation.

Financial Crime Brochure

Financial Crime Awareness

Just as technology, and dynamic problems relating to it, has evolved, so have finances and vulnerabilities associated with them. There are individuals that seek to steal money from anyone they can. Typically, senior citizens are more vulnerable to financial scams than other demographics, but anyone can fall victim to a scammer. For the overwhelming majority of the financial crimes, an elderly person loses out on their hard earned money because they fall victim to a phone call or email that targets them. The phone call can be personalized and target their emotions or hopes/dreams. The scammer could try to claim that the victim has won money or a car, or act like a relative that is in distress. Though technology can play a role in other types of scams (stealing credit card numbers, etc.), typically social engineering is used to defraud someone. This presentation discusses ways of identifying problems before falling victim to any type of scam.

Click Here for a Printable Financial Crimes Brochure PDF