Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit handles all types of criminal investigations occurring in Cape May County with the exception of those specialized cases involving organized criminal networks dealing with gangs, guns and narcotics. This exceptionally skilled group of detectives is assigned to a variety of primary assignments, such as homicide and aggravated assault investigations, official corruption cases, and economic crimes investigations that encompass anything from sophisticated fraudulent schemes to the more common contractor fraud.

The Major Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating all homicides, suicides, and suspicious deaths that occur within Cape May County. This also includes the death of a person while in police custody and police involved shootings. This unit is also responsible for the missing persons investigations when the disappearance is suspicious. The Unit will also assist local/municipal departments investigations of Attempted Murder/Aggravated Assault investigation.

The Major Crimes Unit also has a specialized team for handling sexual assaults and child abuse investigations. These investigators are highly trained and work with many agencies to carefully investigate these offenders while providing support to the victims of these crimes. This Unit coordinates with the Child Protection Services, many other victim advocacy and counseling groups, as well as all of the law enforcement agencies within the County to prosecute offenders, assign the appropriate tier to a Megan’s Law offender, track any and all Megan’s Law offenders within the county, and make sure the victims know of any available services that may be needed.

For more information on Megan’s Law in New Jersey, please click here.

A specialized High Tech Crime Unit investigates crimes in which high technology devices are utilized, such as computers, cellular telephones and other devices. The High Tech Crimes Unit utilizes state of the art technology to investigate computer crimes, child pornography distribution and identity theft as well to assist in the investigation of homicide, white collar crime, sexual assaults and a variety of other crimes.

An important part of the detective’s assignment to the Major Crimes Unit is litigation support. They help to provide the legal staff with the information essential to successful prosecutions.

In addition to their primary assignments, some detectives are assigned secondary duties such as the Fatal Crash Investigation Unit, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and Crisis Negotiations Unit, for example.