Community Outreach

The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office Community Outreach Initiative is committed to the ongoing and proactive communication efforts with our schools, neighborhoods, businesses and community based organizations within Cape May County and the Southern New Jersey region. It is the goal of the Prosecutor’s Office to maintain the trust of all citizens in the County, and to sustain positive working relationships based upon open communication, focus, respect and equality. These efforts help build stronger working relationships between law enforcement and community residents.

Community outreach is the responsibility of everyone in the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, not just a select few, beginning with the leadership of the County Prosecutor and filtering throughout the entire agency. Employees of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office have hundreds of thousands of contacts with community members each year, and by virtue of those contacts, each employee has a role in the community outreach efforts of the Prosecutor’s Office. The community outreach program is dedicated to preparing and providing up to date presentations to be presented to students and school staff, community organizations, law enforcement professionals, and members of the general public on sensitive and important topics such as; drug awareness and prevention, gang awareness, sexting, bullying, cyber bullying and general internet safety as well as financial crimes, domestic violence, victim advocacy, human trafficking, child abuse and sexual assault. The presentations are presented by members of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office who have an expertise in these topics. The presentations assist individuals in the community by giving them up to date information to help become vigilant when faced with certain issues that have become major issues in our county.

Through education the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office has given the attendees and their families the tools for them to become more aware of the prevention steps, warning signs, and consequences that they would be able to share with their loved ones. By learning this valuable information the community members learn how to keep their friends or loved ones from falling short of senseless tragedies; such as a drug related overdose. These presentations also create an open forum and a communication outlet between law enforcement and the community to help build their relationship. In 2017, County Detectives and Assistant Prosecutors together, have collaborated to present over thirty-nine (39) presentations to over 5,700 students, teachers, parents, business professionals and community members.

On several occasions, the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office has collaborated with various prevention and treatment organizations; such as, Cape Assist in educating the community of the dangers of drug abuse. This community education begins with highly trained and educated members of the Prosecutor’s Office and Cape Assist while visiting the schools and community groups to present a presentation called, “Pills to Heroin.” This particular program is designed to educate children and adults by providing an avenue of help for users and families who have fallen victim to such tragedy. This presentation is also offered on the office’s website for the community to watch in the comfort of their own home with their family members.

Additionally, this office has partnered with Cape Assist in providing informational presentations on bullying, cyber bullying, identity theft and sexting in an attempt to help break the vicious cycle of victimization on the internet and social media applications of not only children, but adults as well. Members of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office has also teamed with other community organizations to assist in family oriented activities such as Halloween themed trunk-or-treat, peer leadership conferences, and numerous other community events.