Annual Reports

Each year, a report is generated highlighting the activities of Cape May County’s law enforcement. These reports are free to download on this site.

The following is some background information on Cape May County and the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office:

There are approximately 456 sworn, full-time police officers in Cape May County within the thirteen municipal police departments. The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office oversees investigations and assists in the training that these officers are involved in. Some of the municipalities, including those with the highest incidents of crime, have reduced the sworn personnel in their departments due to budgetary problems. This ongoing trend continues to increase the workload on the County Prosecutor’s Office.

As a result of the 2010 UnitedCape May County States Census, in Cape May County, there were 97,265 people, 40,812 households, and 25,956 families residing in the county. Cape May County is a consistently popular summer destination with over thirty miles of beaches, and attractions for tourist. During the summer tourism season, the population has swelled to over a million residents on weekends with tourist outnumbering full time residents nine to one. In that, the tourism industry generates annual revenues of $6 billion, making it the county’s single largest industry, with leisure and hospitality being the county’s largest employer. The second largest industry in Cape May County is the commercial fishing industry, where in 2009, Cape May County generated $73.7 million in revenue, earning it the rank of fourth-most-valuable fishing port in the United States. With explosive seasonal population increases, so to does crime and calls-for-services of Cape May County law enforcement.