July 4th Holiday – Statement by Prosecutor Sutherland

July 1, 2020

Press Release – July 4th Holiday – Statement by County Prosecutor, Jeffrey H. Sutherland

The week surrounding July 4th is one of the busiest weeks in Cape May County. Unfortunately, Governor Murphy revised Executive Order 157 and issued Executive Order 158 rescinding the opening of indoor restaurants primarily out of concern for recent COVID outbreaks related to indoor activities in other states that had previously allowed the opening of indoor restaurants and bars and because of scenes this past weekend of overcrowded outdoor bars and restaurants in New Jersey.

Outdoor restaurants and bars are allowed to remain open, subject to strict social distancing guidelines. It is important that all restaurant and bar owners and operators adhere to the Executive Order guidelines and make sure that their patrons comply. It is also important that all patrons voluntarily comply with social distancing requirements and understand that by wearing a mask you are protecting the people around you. It is up to all of us to comply with the COVID restrictions and by doing so we are protecting everyone in the community and allowing our businesses to operate during the most challenging of times. Let’s make sure that no additional businesses are closed based on simply failing to comply with the COVID guidelines.

As I stated in a previous press release, the Executive Orders are laws that we, as law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold and enforce. People may have differing opinions regarding these restrictions and Executive Orders; however to make the best of a bad situation lets all act in a way that allows our restaurants, bars and other businesses to remain open and operate in a safe manner. The business owners are doing their part to provide a safe space; as residents, visitors, and patrons we have a responsibility to do our part to not make their job any more difficult than it currently is.