COVID-19 Executive Order 107 – Restrictions Regarding Campgrounds – Clarification

April 18, 2020

Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey, Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey H. Sutherland wants to clarify the current Covid-19 Executive Order 107 restrictions regarding campgrounds.

Pursuant to Executive Order 107 paragraph 9, all Campgrounds are closed – with the following exceptions:

1. People who have year-round residential leases and use the campground address as their permanent residence; or

2. Campgrounds where the people own their campsite and have a deed for the site (typically a condo form of ownership)- however it can only be occupied by the owner and/or their immediate family.

Any campsites that are allowed to be used are subject to Cape May County Resolutions 250-20 and 256-20 which ban short term, transient and seasonal rentals. Therefore if any campsites qualify under exceptions 1 or 2 above, they cannot be used for short term, transient or seasonal rentals.

Mobile Home parks where people have yearly leases are not campgrounds and therefore are not subject to any restrictions under EO 107; however they are subject to the short term, transient and seasonal rental ban under County Resolutions 250-20 and 256-20.

County Prosecutor Sutherland understands that there can be confusion and stress caused by these temporary restrictions that result from the COVID-19 pandemic, which leads to calls to local law enforcement. This can result in law enforcement responding to unnecessary calls. Each time a law enforcement office has to go on a call it opens him or her up to being exposed to COVID-19. Prosecutor Sutherland stated; “I understand that we are all living under stressful and confusing times and having a myriad of temporary restrictions can add to that confusion. I ask that everyone recognize that the overall purpose of the COVID-19 restrictions is to prevent the spread of the virus and hopefully allow us to be open for business and return to a more normal everyday lifestyle sooner. Although due to certain exceptions people from out of this area may be able to come to and use their properties, that is no reason to personally attack them; and in return we ask that they respect the purpose of the restrictions and if they come to our area that they shelter in place as much as possible.”