Prosecutor announces presentation on “Pills to Heroin” for local schools, church group and other community organizations

December 16, 2013

Cape May Court House, New Jersey – Cape May County Prosecutor Robert L. Taylor announced that his office has assembled a team consisting of a highly qualified Assistant Prosecutor that is also the Drug Court Prosecutor and Detectives from the Narcotics Task Force that have constructed a training presentation identified as “Pills to Heroin” to be presented to schools, church groups, community outreach programs and any other organization within the community. This program is designed to educate students and others about these two dangerous substances and their abuse as well as the progressive transition of addiction from prescription drugs to heroin. The program outlines each of the substances and provides detailed information on each product to include, identification, street packaging along with the long and short term effects on the body. The program also educates people on some of the signs of abuse as well as prevention advice and intervention alternatives for addicts.

The program was successfully presented for the first time on December 12, 2013, at Wildwood Catholic High School and was presented to the entire student body of 9th through 12th grades, as well as several staff members. The presentation captured the attention of the students and provided an educational look into the devastation, which the abuses of heroin and prescription drugs cause. Upon completion of the presentation, there was a wide variety of questions asked by the students who attended. These questions were answered by the Assistant Prosecutor and Lieutenant of the Narcotics Task Force, which further educated the students on some of their concerns and thoughts on the subject. The presentation appeared to affect many of the students, which was reflected in an abundance of powerful and thankful e-mails sent to members of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office staff who presented at the school. These e-mails received from the students, displayed the positive effect the presentation had on each of them and how these dangerous drugs have sadly affected some of their families and friends in the past. The students were thankful and had positive thoughts of how the information they received will have a positive impact on their decision to never use one of these dangerous drugs in the future.

Prosecutor Taylor commended and thanked Principal Mary Kane and the staff of Wildwood Catholic High School for being the first high school within the County to allow his office to come into the school and help educate the students about this deadly epidemic, which is affecting so many people’s lives including the addicts and their loves ones. The Prosecutor is encouraging other High Schools and Middle Schools to take advantage of this free program.

Prosecutor Taylor continues to urge families to educate their children as to the dangers of such illegal drugs and to continue to report any information regarding illegal drug activity and or any criminal activity within the community. This information can be reported anonymously through the Cape May County Sheriffs Tip Line at and click on anonymous tip, or through the Cape May County Crime Stoppers at 609-465-2800 or 877-465-2801, Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office at 609-465-1168.